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Interview by Ed Ngai

I was recently approached by Ed Ngai of Led Creatives for an interview about my current exhibition. I think that one of the reasons that it's taken me so long to have an exhibition since my MA is due to social anxiety. One that is present when I am on the phone, in public, or even at my computer sometimes. It makes it incredibly difficult to sell myself artistically and to be bold enough to network and be exposed to new opportunities. Despite these shortfalls I managed to spend eighteen months preparing for this exhibition.

I love creating, and I love observing. Putting the two together is what I live for. Until recently I have not really had one particular medium that makes me feel purposeful and passionate, that is until I discovered my flare for continuous line drawing. When I first arranged my exhibition slot back in 2018, I decided that I was going to display some oil paintings, because that is what I enjoyed doing at the time. But I also enjoyed drawing, amateur stop motion animation, watercolours. I didn't really know how to progress professionally and was feeling quite lost. Once I began on this continuous line journey that all changed. I feel that I have a clear direction with my work now.

Thank you to Ed for the interview, and for the confidence boost.

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