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I didnt know apple pips were poisonous!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Its always fun out with Kelly and this afternoon we are shopping and dining in Woodbridge, "You tosser" she says, predictably dismissive of my effort to record the moment. As ever, bright and witty; we enjoy a relaxed lunch and I then help her finish setting up the new website before we stroll around the town in the bright breezy weather. Clothes shopping is a major distraction, as Kelly usually spends most of her time with me sketching. First observing others in the room, whether it be a bar, cafe or restaurant, then selecting one or two characters to concentrate upon. Soon they are captured in pencil or ink: either in part or in just a few key features ... some overheard comment is often added to help set the moment. Kelly's sketch books are full of such small moments and they help provide a delightful record of our exploits as we escape the routine hum-drum of life for a while, and observe others instead in their own worlds, usually oblivious to us watching.

Occasionally someone will spot us and home in to see the final work, or to browser through the entire sketch book. This is more usual when I join Kelly in sketching; both being discrete and anonymous flaneurs in a crowd is always more difficult!! Finally it is time to go. I have finished my apple and left the pips, so we head home and the afternoon is just a memory. A brief moment to escape from the other demands of the week. Here's to the next time. Thank you!

A guest writer, Nigel

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